From condoms to cars, and from noodles to online shopping, Ranveer Singh is endorsing a range of brands these days. It’s a clear indication of his popularity among the youth and the kind of impact he is made both as the person as well as the personality. Ahead of his forthcoming release Kil Dil we met the playful star at Mumbai’s Yash Raj Studios to decode the brand Ranveer Singh. The extrovert star chatted about his ever evolving style, his equation with Depepika Padukone and why he thinks that he is not making enough money despite his popularity. Excerpts from an hour long conversation….

Are you working consciously on your style statement these days?

Somebody criticized my personal style. I am upping my style quotient. I am making conscious attempts towards the same. I used to be a total jhalla but now I am working on my style for people expect you to be a certain way.

You are endorsing more brands than ever before and the way you are doing it seems to be the extension of your image. Are you getting more commercials because people like your image?

On the contrary, I don’t have any image. I am not here to set any image and if some image is being formed, I immediately try to break it. So far every Ching’s there’s been a Maruti. I believe in keeping the audiences guessing. I don’t want to settle into any comfort zone for I want to offer different personalities and play different characters every time.

Basically Ranveer Singh is not particularly happy about being tagged, right?

I think people are too complex to be tagged and to be compartmentalized. And they keep changing. So I don’t understand and approve when people suddenly start calling me wild. The fact of the matter is that in these formative years of my acting experience I want to display a range of characters, settling in a comfort zone or forming an image therefore is not fair. I am always curious to know what I put out there as an artist and how it gets interpretated. Tags get assigned very quickly and people are always ready to jump the gun.

Are there any interpretations or tags Ranveer Singh is not particularly fond of?

Oh there are many! It’s a natural human tendency to assign a tag, but I personally believe it should not be done. By doing so you start limiting a person. In my conversations with my peers I hear that I get called fu*$ing bubbly and vivacious. Please stop calling me that for I am not vivacious and bubbly all the time. I am a Cancerian so take things very easily to the heart. As a defence mechanism I try to keep things light and jovial. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I am wild, bubbly and vivacious all the time. So I am not goofing around all the time, you see!

Has Ranveer Singh become sensitive to the situations around him as opposed to the man we knew who was fearless when he entered the industry? These days we hear you talk about things like fragility and uncertainty of life….

I lost my best friend very tragically recently perhaps that made realized that one should not take life and the opportunities it offers for granted. So for me every act I do is the last act I do. Every shot I give is the last shot of my life, I treat it like that. It’s not that I was not aware about uncertainty that life, is but now these things get reiterated even more. I also understand whatever it is, it is in the NOW!

After so much adulation and many interesting projects that you bagged and continue to fetch, how successful do you feel today both as a performer as well as a star?

My dad said something to me recently which I feel is very valid. He was like, “You know what? You have gained popularity and it has reached a certain level but you are not making as much money as people might be thinking you make. Money is not exactly warranting you fame,” he said. I don’t do things for money. I am successful when I am not doing things which I don’t want to. If I have millions of rupees but if I have to do things and have to go to a place which I don’t like then I am not successful. To live life on your own term is success for me.

How did Ranveer Singh arrive at the decision of endorsing a condom brand? Isn’t that too radical a thought for a mainstream actor to do that?

I was driving somewhere and looked at hoardings where I found every celebrity was selling something. That’s when I discovered that nobody was selling a condom. And I wanted to move beyond the lusty and provocative aspects that are associated normally with condoms. I wanted it to be more fun and I did not want that subject to be taboo. Then I called Durex and they jumped at the idea. I just had to do it my way and they allowed me to do it my way. And that’s how ‘do the REX’ happened. Having said that I must add that I am not here to endorse one night stands!

You are known for your incredible energy levels and even Govinda enjoys the same reputation. Are we going to see a clash of two incredible energies on the silverscreen in Kil Dil?

I have grown up watching him. He is an incredible actor, a terrific dancer and a jovial human being. He is the paragon of entertainment for me. I think he is the most unexplored talent of B-town. I don’t play hero in this film in the traditional sense f the word that is. We two will be seen in sync with each other. There won’t be any clash.

There’s a lot of talk about your equation with Deepika Padukone? Is Ranveer Singh seeing his Ram-Leela co-star?

I am single.

Is Deepika a special person in your life?


In what way Ranveer?

I admire her a lot both as an actor as well as a performer. I think she has evolved with time with her acting abilities. I have tremendous amount of regard for her. She is very meticulous and organized. She is a thorough professional.