Raveena Tandon is all set to make her comeback on the big screen with a hard hitting film Maatr. The film revolves around a mother-daughter duo whose happy lives take a turn for the worse post a tragic incidence. Raveena Tandon plays a fierce mother who decides to take on the guilty and the powerful in order to get justice for her daughter.

The daughter in the film becomes victim of one of the most heinous crimes – rape. No wonder then, discussion around the issues forms an integral part of the film. Also, there are a few scenes that portray the crime being committed and its aftermath which is equally heart-wrenching! However, though the subject of the film is bold, the censor board deemed it inappropriate for viewing and there has been no certification till now. The film is set to hit theatres on April 21, 2017 and there seems to be confusion over its certification.

This turn of events hasn’t gone down well with Raveena. Talking to India.com, Raveena said, “It’s not anger! We were expecting some kind of difficulty because we are showing what is happening in our country which some people don’t want to accept. Sadly there are some political leaders and some law makers who instead of apologizing for the state of affairs, end up blaming the victim. This is appalling.”

As per latest reports, the CBFC refused to certify Maatr citing some scenes that were too gruesome. However, the board in a statement has revealed that the screening of Maatr was held on Saturday and the board will soon take a decision about its certification. But Raveena is in no mood to be diplomatic of her disappointment with the board. She further said, “As far as Censor Board goes, we were expecting some kind of disagreement but not to such extent. We are already getting an ‘A’certificate then why is the dumbing down of the film happening? There are responsible adults who are going to watch the film. In the film, we are condoning the fact that one should never take laws in their hands. So where is the problem?” she asks frustrated! (ALSO READ:  WTF! Censor Board walked out of Raveena Tandon’s Maatr screening?)

Further talking about what had angered her most about the whole situation, Raveena said, “The anger is coming out of the situation that we are not yet ready to face the truth! Crimes like these need to be widely talked about, without covering facts – no matter how gruesome they are. There’s an urgent need to take an aggressive stance against these criminals,” she signed off. We agree with Raveena Tandon. What are your thoughts? Comment in the section below and let us know!