As India celebrates its 69th Republic Day, we decided to bring some of the most explosive lines from our films that will evoke patriotism in you in a jiffy! Bollywood has always churned out movies that were laced with a lot of desh bhkati. And what better occasion than Republic Day 2017 to revisit some of the best patriotic lines mouthed by the best in the business. So from Raees Shah Rukh Khan to Kaabil Hrithik Roshan to Jolly Akshay Kumar–we present these unforgettable lines on a special day! Whenever these dialogues appeared in the movies it had audiences cheering for them.

Quite interestingly and matter of factly, the writers of these lines require as much attention as the stars who employed their charm and rich baritone to say these explosive words. Some of these lines are made for that much needed dramatic effect in the sequence they are placed, while some others have acquired that cult status that it’s impossible to not revisit these lines to encapsulate what India and patriotism stand for.

This line from Hrithik Roshan starrer Lakshay wins our vote hands down for the ethics and values with which our soldiers operate!

In what can rightly be called one of his intense performances Ajay Devgan as Shahid Bhagat Singh rises to the occasion to deliver this one. The deafening cheers it evoked from the audiences spoke volume for the lines which come from the deep collective patriotic consciousness.

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Within our country reside many others, and that could turn out to be downer for the national pride. When SRK utter these words for Unification of his hockey team you can’t help but go JAI HO!

This monologue is worth a listen. In fact Akshay Kumar gives a big, seemingly never-ending speech about what India is in his movie Namastey London!When a high profile gora business honcho tries to demean India and reduces it into a country of snake charmers, Akki’s chracter steps in tactfully. What unfolds thereafter is a big fat speech that will give you goosebumps like no other and will awaken the patriot in you. ALSO READ:  Akshay Kumar’s epic dialogue encapsulates what India stands for!

It’s very easy to be cynical about the state of your country and complain constantly, but it takes real courage to accept what is and then come forward to bring about the change you desire. The above line from Aamir Khan starrer Rang De Basanti becomes special in that regard.