In the fourteen seasons of Roadies, we have witnessed some insanely brutal tasks on the youth-based popular reality show. The show is in its fifteenth season, which is titled Roadies Rising. And this edition too has seen its share of some hardcore tasks. But tonight’s episode had a mix of both funny and brutality. Usually, the tasks in Roadies are designed to test the contestants mental or physical strength, but tonight’s task was all about the strength of bowels. Yep! You read it right. So what was this task all about, you ask? The male warriors had to sit on a pot, and all of them were at the mercy of the female warriors who were asked some questions by gang leaders, Prince Narula, Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinnapa and Rannvijay Singh. The answers would decide the fate as for every wrong answer, a male warrior had to eat a laddoo. Sounds simple? It’s Roadies. Nothing is so basic on this show. These were not the ordinary laddoo for they contained Croton Tiglium, which in Hindi is called Jamaal Gota. And we don’t need to tell you what is the function of Jamaal Gota, right? The warrior, who manages to stay on the pot for the longest without throwing up, his gang would be declared as the winner. So who managed to survive till the end? Well, it were Priyank, Chiranjeevi and Baseer. These three won the task and the immunity and are safe from next week’s eliminations. Some tough bowels they have.

Though the task might come across as funny, but it is indeed quite tough to not to throw up after eating laddoos that were laced with laxative. And gang leader Nikhil also quite agrees to this as he took to Instagram and posted a photo of him, Neha and Rannvijay with a caption, “Hugs all around. (Get it?) Of all the tasks on #RoadiesRising this season, this one felt the absolute worst. With every laddoo we fed our gangs, our stomachs griped in empathy with the Roadies we were feeding. I thought our lungi-clad warrior @a.mchiranjeevi showed some tremendous willpower today! What did you think of today’s episode? Leave comments below. #renaultduster #gangleaders #mtvroadies.” We like the pun there! Check out the post right here: ALSO READ:


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