Sachin: A Billion Dreams‘ box office collection inputs of Day 4 are here and the figures are impressive. The film skyrocketed with its first weekend in the theatres, for quite obvious reasons. In fact, it is a wonder how there aren’t more cricket inclined releases, with the nation’s affection for the game. Sachin’s movie minted Rs. 4.20 cr on Monday which is a decent collection after the weekend which saw it earn Rs. 8.60 cr, Rs. 9.20 cr, and Rs. 10.25 cr since Friday.

This brings it to an impressive total of Rs. 32.25 cr in four days.

There have also been rumours that Sachin has charged a gargantuan sum of Rs. 40 cr for the film. The reports were rubbished by his spokesperson while talking to an online portal. He said: “The suggestion on Sachin Tendulkar’s fee for ‘Sachin A Billion Dreams’ is incorrect and grossly overstated. Sachin has completely backed this project which has resulted in creation of a commercially viable genre of docu-drama for the Indian film industry.” ALSO READ: Did Sachin Tendulkar charge a whopping amount of Rs 40 crore for his film?

Talking about his first reaction on acting and doing a film on his life, Sachin said, “My initial reaction was no (smiles). I said I can’t act, I don’t want to act; I am a sportsperson, not an actor. So, it took them a while to convince me and to let me know I have to act. Because everything in my life has been documented, there are no made-up stories… there is no way to rewrite a script to show I have made extra runs. They (makers) felt no one knows what went on in my mind during the highs and lows [of my career]. So, we needed to show that to as many guys as possible.”