Sachin.. Sachin.. We will be hooting this legend’s name till eternity. Sachin: A Billion Dreams has hit theatres today and those who have watched the film are emotionally moved. The response for this film is INSANE, but expected. Whoever has watched the film have laughed, cried and cheered for the man who is a living legend. Our reviewer too insists that its a MUST WATCH for every Indian. The film will take you back to your childhood memories if you are a Sachin fan. Well, the world is. The God of cricket also had hosted the special screening of the film prior to the release for the entire film and cricket fraternity, they all went gaga over the film. And now the critics just cannot stop gushing about Sachin: A Billion Dreams. (ALSO READ: When Anushka Sharma couldn’t say NO to beau Virat Kohli at Sachin: A Billion Dreams film premiere (Watch video))

Here’s what the critics have to say..

Times of India

Tendulkar fanatics can also feel the adrenaline rush because the film revisits his introduction to the world—yes, the time when he hit Pakistan’s Abdul Qadir for four sixes in one over at the 1989 Exhibition Match. And yet another indelible memory revisited here, is the one in which he reduced Australia’s Shane Warne into a punching bag in the 1998 Chennai test against the Aussies. His achievements are far too many to be accommodated in one film! Cynics may argue that YouTube has it all, but for those whom Sachin is an emotion, watching this footage on the big screen and without constantly having to hit the search button, the experience is priceless.

Sachin’s story as told in this docu-drama is just as it is in real life — it is made up of hard work and perseverance. Sachin’s life within 22 yards, in 24 years, is truly wonderfully presented in this movie, Sachin: A Billion Dream. (ALSO READ: Sachin A Billion Dreams Celeb review: Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Ranveer Singh emotionally moved after watching the film)

Hindustan Times 

Sachin A Billion Dreams transports you to an era where liberal economy had started to show its effects. This was the time when money was becoming a really important factor in the Indian cricket. And the only person responsible for this new change was Sachin Tendulkar, a man who claims to have never run behind money. All he wanted was a better game, everytime.


From being the hope of a struggling nation, to the emblem of a country ready to take on the world, Sachin has traversed a long, arduous path. And from his first 200 in an ODI to the World Cup win in 2011, the film takes you on a fairytale ride with Sachin. Sachin had started his career at Mumbai and won the World Cup in the city itself. You see life coming full circle for him; from boy-next-door to God of cricket. You tear up again, when the time comes for his retirement at an emotional Wankhede. There would not have been a soul in the stadium that day or any Sachin fan anywhere who would have been able to control his/her emotions.

Clearly, after reading all the reviews, the wait to watch the film will become even more difficult. Have you booked your tickets?