Telly actors often have a very limited personal life all thanks to their hectic schedules. They postpone their wedding and honeymoon plans to ensure their show’s track doesn’t get affected. And if you happen to be a lead actor of a popular and longest running show, things just get worse. A similar case happened with Suhani Si Ek Ladki actor Sahil Mehta. The actor got married last year but haven’t got time to go for honeymoon so far.

The actor hence decided to quit his show to ensure his personal life doesn’t suffer. Sahil confirming his exit from Suhani Si Ek Ladki said to Times Of India, “I have been part of Suhani… for the past three years. It has given me a lot, but I needed this break. I had promised my wife (Eesha Danait) a honeymoon in Europe, and it’s finally happening.” (ALSO READ: Sahil Mehta aka Yuvraj of Suhani Si Ek Ladki to get hitched next year)

Sahil will be back from his tour only in June. So will he resume acting after that and the actor reveals that he has another plans. “I want to try sports anchoring. That has been a long-standing wish,”  he says Sahil. He also adds, “I am a thorough professional, but I think I am not a very good actor. I am always on time and throw no tantrums, but I am not the best at my craft.Anybody could have played my character. TV is delusional. It’s not the face, but the character that matters on this medium. Had the case been reverse, every TV actor would have been a big movie star.