Being a star is not all glitz and glamour. There’s always a part of you that belongs to the crowd and sometimes, it gets onto your nerves. When it comes to Saif Ali Khan, the case often gets worst. Like this time when he was walking out of the Mumbai airport with Kareena and Taimur and fans started hounding the couple for selfies. A video that’s now going viral on social media shows Saif and Kareena exiting the airport with Taimur around. As soon as the star couple comes out, the fans gather around them to get pictures clicked. Realising the sensitivity of the situation, Saif picks up Taimur in his arms and keeps walking hurridly while Kareena is left behind trying to struggle her way out of the crowd.

Now while Kareena follows Saif and Taimur, a man is constantly seen nudging the actor for a selfie with him and the kid. This annoys Saif who pulls his arm down and moves ahead towards the car while Taimur keeps looking out for his mother by screaming ‘Mumma’ at the airport. Watch this video:

Saif has earlier expressed how he doesn’t approve of people and photographers hounding Taimur for pictures. In fact, he once lashed out at the paparazzi at the airport for using hard light to capture Taimur by telling them that it could harm the kid’s eyes. The actor has been vocal about the same in his interviews as well by requesting the media and the fans to give his son a little space.

The latest incident met with a lot of positive comments on social media. Several Instagram users thought that the fans pleading celebrities for selfies and following them crazily when they are with their little kids is absolutely deplorable. What do you think?