Actor Saif Ali Khan is one of the leading actors in the mainstream movie business who are often criticised for not voicing their opinions clearly on subjects of national importance. Even recently, when the students went on a protest against CAA, NRC in the country, most of the popular prominent stars from the film industry kept their silence. Now, in his latest interview with a daily, Saif spoke about why he doesn’t like to give out statements on political matters.

The actor talked to Bombay Times and said he’s still trying to form an opinion on matters and he doesn’t want to speak out until he is very sure about something. The actor said another reason for not being encouraged to raise his voice is the fact that our country is too sensitive to the views that are given on polarising issues. He added that India is a different country and it reacts differently than other places when it comes to speaking or discussing issues of national importance. The actor then went on to say that he feels he is too privileged to take part in a conversation with any opinion in mind.

Saif’s only statement when he was asked to comment on the violence happened with the Jamia students during anti-CAA protests in Delhi recently was ‘I am not sure.’ Giving an elaborated explanation on why he steers clear away from opening-up on such issues, the actor said he doesn’t feel deprived of anything when he chooses not to speak on matters. Saif was quoted saying, “And I don’t feel disenfranchised with that. I do feel that I am absolutely way too privileged to really enter into that conversation with any relevant point of view.”

Saif also mentioned that he thinks India is on its way to being a better and more successful country in the coming years because it’s developing in all the sectors. The actor added that he sees good education for his kids in the country and more opportunities in his profession which makes him believe that the hope is not gone. “I have never been happier living in my country. The kind of medical treatment that is available to me and my family, the education for my kids, the professional employment and the work I am getting, everything about my life in India is better than it has ever been. So, I am hopeful.”

Saif was talking at an interview to promote his upcoming film Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior. The actor plays the role of the main antagonist, Udaybhan Rathod in the film. Featuring Ajay Devgn as the titular character, Tanhaji hits the screens on January 9.