Mumbai, June 7: Nagraj Popatrao Manjule, the uber talented director and writer of the block buster Marathi film Sairat might be living the dream right now, but his past has come back to haunt him, in the form of his ex-wife Sunita Manjule. Sunita’s account has revealed that Manjule might not be the feminist and radicalist in real life, that he portrays himself to be. In a tell-all interview with the Quint, Manjule’s ex-wife has alleged that he used to abuse her and was not just a horrible husband to her, but was also a horrible human being.

Sunita narrated in explicit detail, how her life with Manjule had gone from being a beautiful dream to a nightmare, as Manjule’s film making career started to take form. her heart breaking story, about how Manjule cut her off from his life, after his film making career started to bloom. Not only him, but even his family, left her alone and she was forced to return to her parents house. Sunita also spoke about how Manjule would thrash her ‘with his bare hands, leather belt and sometimes, a log of wood’, whenever she would try to dissuade him from forcing her into an abortion. ALSO READ: Sairat box office success: Lead actors Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar get Rs 5 crore bonus fee! Know more about them!

Manjule, according to her, did not want to be bogged down by familial ties, while he was chasing his dreams in the film making industry. Sunita, on the other hand, wanted kids, but was met with abuse instead, from ‘star’ husband. Sunita blames herself and her low education for Manjule’s rejection of her. “I think he is embarrassed of me. He moves in the artistic circles, the who’s who of Maharashtra speak to him with high regard, and here I am, someone who has studied only till VIII th standard. I think that’s the reason he deemed me fit only to take care of his family and to do household work, but not be the wife that he could acknowledge in front of everyone”, she rued.

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