It was nothing less than a big blow to Salman Khan fans when the actor was the only one to be convicted in the 1998 black buck poaching case, while the others Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam Kothari were let off. What hurt them even more was the quantum of sentence which was awarded as five years in jail and Rs 10,000 fine. The actor’s legal team requested for a bail plea hearing for Friday but the decision is still pending and will be announced only on Saturday. Salman spent a night at the Central Jail, Jodhpur last night and tonight will be no different.

But will he finally get a bail tomorrow? Fans feel he may not and might only be out of the jail on Monday. Here’s why – according to a theory on a popular fan club dedicated to Salman Khan, there is a conspiracy going on, and those involved have made sure that the actor doesn’t get bail on Thursday (after the conviction) or on Friday and has to stay behind bars the weekend. “Yesterday Deliberately Delayed The Sentence Of Tenure So That Lawyers Can’t Plea For Bail. Today Reserved The Order For Tomorrow So Lawyers Can’t go to High Court Till Monday. Session Court Judge Has Sold To Bhisnoi Groups #BlackBuckPoachingCase (sic),” says the tweet.

Check the tweet shared by Salman Khan’s fan club

According to reports, Salman Khan lost sleep on his first night in the jail and it looks like his fans will be spending a sleepless night as well, as they wait for the #SalmanBailOrJail verdict tomorrow.