Om Swami might have been kicked out of Bigg Boss 10 house. But such is the hangover of self styled Baab that he keeps resonating with his lofty words. While he was in the house he used pray Salman Khan the god (in Swami’s own words that is!) and now he is leaving no stone unturned to belittle Bhai! Now he claims that Salman  Khan has AIDS! Here are the other shocking statements made by the man in the saffron that will leave you giggle throgh the day!

Slapgate with Salman Khan: Swami claims to have slapped Salman Khan in a secret room. According to Swami’s fairytale Salman blew a ring of smoke in his face and an angry Swami slapped him back! This can not be proved because that mystery room has no camera in it.

Rs 100 crore film being made on Baba: Such is the saga of Om Swami’s personal life that there’s a film being made (in Baba’s head…where else?) and whopping Rs 100 crores are riding on the same. Next what? The man is dating Jennifer Lopez!

Talk first then sob: Baba is known for shedding copious tears over trivial issues but in reality, Baba claims, that when he was born he started talking even before he started crying! Add to that Baba’s distinct CV–the man has multiple degrees in different subjects which he studied in pure desi Hindi! ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Selfish, annoying and pompous Roadies winner Bani J is such a loser!

Bani J and Jason Shah’s sleeping spree! When Bani J cosied up to Jason Shah on a rather chilly evening, Baab claimed that the MTV Roadies winner had an action between the sheets. Baab is known for churning out such perals quite repeatedly.

Salman Khan an ISI agent: Sallu is an ISI agent and is against Hindutva. He even claimed that Salman fooled him by giving chicken in the name of baingan (brinjal) . ” Salman is against Hindutva. Swami does not stop there he claims that Salman is working in tandem with Aamir and Shah rukh to turn this land into some sort of Islamic Republic! ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami slaps Salman Khan! Next what? Meryl Streep wants to marry Donald Trump?

After hearing this we feel the only place where the man can exist quite peacefully is Mental Asylum. Don’t you agree Bigg Boss fans?