Salman Khan is returning to the small screen with the eleventh edition of nation’s most controversial and favorite reality show, Bigg Boss. But this year, Salman will not be the only one ruling our TV screens as his colleagues and good friends, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar too are are associated with two upcoming TV shows. While SRK is bringing the Indian version of Ted Talks on Star Plus, Akshay will be judging the latest season of once-famous show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.

So it was obvious that Salman would be asked to comment on the competition that he is going to face this year from SRK and Akshay. And so it was, a journalist, who was present at the launch event of Bigg Boss 11 that took place in Mumbai sometime back, asked Salman that very question. And he said, “I think Shah Rukh is a great host, he has got his own personality and swag and even Akshay has a great comic timing.” But we know Salman, right? He added, ” “With Shah Rukh and Akshay also coming to TV, it will be a tough competition (pauses) for them.” ALSO READ: Salman Khan: Bigg Boss Wouldn’t Get TRP Without Me

It’s not that SRK and Akshay don’t have massive fan following like Salman does, but then there is no denying that the combo of Salman and Bigg Boss works every year. So much that one can’t imagine Bigg Boss without Salman as the host. Whereas SRK and Akshay are kind of entering a new territory on the small screen. Of course, they have hosted TV shows before, but we haven’t seen Akshay judging a comedy show before, and a Ted Talk TV show is something which is a new concept altogether.

Loyal fans of Salman and Bigg Boss have been giving love to show and him every year, and surely this year too is going to be the same. I mean, the man has been hosting the show since seven years now, and if people aren’t bored yet, it’s saying a lot.