Salman Khan to star in Shah Rukh Khan's FAN; Deepika Padukone depressed again due to My Choice reaction!

Hi, ladies! And gentlemen, of course. No point in being sexist nowadays, you see. As can be seen from the reaction to Deepika Padukone’s My Choice video, men (and dogs) have a right to do what they want as well. Sigh! Poor Deepika. Just when she was being appreciated for coming out of the closet for her depression problems, she is facing flak again. Gossip Gal and her gang are talking about Deepika this week, and also about Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Ranveer Singh, and a lot more. So let’s see what’s gone wrong with Deepika’s image this time.

During her ‘cleavage controversy‘, Deepika had already seen two sides of the same coin, or rather different and often opposite opinions to serious issues. Gossip ladies are fuming that the same thing has happened now with her. After speaking about dealing with depression and opening a mental health foundation, she went ahead and starred in a video for women’s empowerment. The My Choice video, made by her Finding Fanny director Homi Adajania for Vogue (where his wife, Bollywood designer Anaita Shroff Adajania works), has met with many responses. Some spoofs, some good videos on the same lines, and some which are reactions by equally frustrated men!

First there was the Govinda Meri Marzi spoof, which was only supporting the My Choice video, and then were blogs written by men on the ‘cheating’ talk in the video. Now there are at least two videos by these Angry Young Men questioning why Deepika’s My Choice supports infidelity. Then there is a cute video about a dog exercising its choice! And actresses Sonakshi Sinha, Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut have also sadly spoken against it.

Gossip Gal

Another fav of Gossip Gal Kalki Koechlin is the only one who supports Deepika, just adding that the video should be about equality. Politician Murli Manohar Joshi, like many stupid politicians commenting on women’s issues, has also spoken about how our values have changed. Yeah, yeah, as if moral values are only to be followed by women!

C’mon, say Gossip Gals, our darling Deepika might’ve starred in the #VogueEMPOWER video just to help her friends (or should we say her ‘homies’), Homi and Anaita. But the reaction and widespread response to it seems to have come from the fact that a movie star like Deepika has endorsed the short film. For all we know, Deepika might go into depression again for all this negative nonsense around My Choice!

What if My Choice were made by some ‘aam aurat’ out there? There would’ve hardly been a reaction, if at all. And this is the anti-celeb attitude that gossiping ladies don’t like, for they are stars in themselves, aren’t they?

Salman Khan promotes Deepika Padukone, refuses to work with Katrina Kaif!

But Deepika should take heart, say the ladies. All this publicity is doing her good. And there are fresh rumours of the ladies’ favourite man Salman Khan wanting her as his heroine in a movie called Sultan, produced by Yash Raj Films. He also wanted her for Shuddhi, apparently. Meanwhile, Gossip Gal has pucca khabar that Salman Khan has refused to work with Katrina Kaif again. The two ex-lovers managed to work together again in Ek Tha Tiger, forgetting their differences. But now that Katrina has moved in with Ranbir Kapoor in their new Bandra home in Mumbai, it’s like the final nail and Salman evidently wants to move on now. Enough of Katrina, we can hear him say! Gossip ladies are only happy the stud is over her, finally!

Queen Bee to star as Meena Kumari

Some of the veteran gossip ladies love the late actress Meena Kumari still, and hearing that Queen actress Kangana Ranaut will be playing the role of the Pakeezah actress in her biopic has them smiling ear-to-ear. The film will begin only next year, but they tell us they can wait. After all, Kangana is the current darling of the lot!

Brett Lee, the UnIndian!

Brett Lee, the UnIndian!

While Gossip Gal and her group are a bit envious of Suresh Raina’s new bride Priyanka Chaudhary (they got married on April 3), there’s another hero from the cricketing world they are talking about more. No, no, not Virat Kohli. We’re done with Anushka Sharma and him, for now. We’re talking about Preity’s Zinta‘s once-good friend Brett Lee. The dishy retired cricketer from Australia is starring with Tannishtha Chatterjee in a movie called UnIndian, and looks rather cute in his first look – in Indian attire! The cricketer-actor had made a special appearance in Bollywood before, but UnIndian is a major movie for him. The gossip club can’t wait to see more of Lee!

Salman Khan in Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN?

Now this is the strangest rumour heard by the ladies, but it might just come true! Salman Khan could be seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s movie FAN in a cameo, along with his exes – Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Now this is contrary to what we just told you about Salman not wanting to work with Katrina. But maybe they won’t be the same frame, neither Aishwarya! Otherwise, it would get so awkward. Remember the Deewangi song from SRK’s Om Shanti Om? We think this could be something like that. Wait and watch.

Ranveer Singh, get well soon!

Ranveer Singh, get well soon!

Our Lootera Ranveer Singh got a shoulder surgery done last weekend, and most of the ladies have been rather worried about him. We all have a crush on him, of course! While some girls will go to him with roses, some of us are just texting him a ‘get well soon’ with an e-card. We’d rather meet him when he is hale ‘n’ hearty and available to flirt! (Smiley) What say, Deepika?

So, c’ya on the other side of next week, then. [Read More Gossip Gal columns here] Photos: Publicity Stills, Twitter and Yogen Shah.