Salman Khan is currently reigning the bollywood box office with his latest film Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The actor plays a commoner Pawan Kumar Chaturvedi in the film who leads a simple lifestyle. However, he lives a completely different and much luxurious lifestyle in his real life. Salman Khan owns a luxurious flat facing the beautiful sea in the heart of Mumbai. (ALSO READ: Why is Salman Khan not back with his Being Human avatar post #SalmanWithTerrorists?)

Yes, Salman Khan lives with his family on the first floor of Galaxy Apartments in Bandra. Though its not a huge place, the actor has made sure it has all the amenities required to fulfil the needs of his family.

Salman house1

Salman Khan’s parents and his younger brothers share the apartment with him. The family celebrates every festival and occasion grandly in this house.

Salman house2

This property is very close to Salman Khan’s heart and he loves to spend his time with his friends and family here.

Salman house4

Despite being one of the highest earning actors in the country, Salman Khan lives in his same old house. While other actors have invested in luxurious bungalows, he plans to cherish the memories of this house forever. (ALSO READ: Bajrangi Bhaijaan: Katrina Kaif has not watched Salman Khan’s blockbuster yet!)