Salman Khan‘s house had an unlikely visitor, in the late hours of the night. A 25-year old Salman Khan fan entered Galaxy Apartments and took resort in the watchman’s loo to avoid detection. He was discovered by the security guards in the loo and was handed over to the Bandra police for inspection. Upon questioning, the man claimed he was only using the washroom of the apartment had no other motives.

Around 1:30 am, the man, namely Mohammad Sirajuddin, was seen quietly slipping inside the building by a few passers-by. Upon sight, they alerted the watchmen of the building of the man who breached the residence. The watchmen then began a hunt for the said man and found him lingering in the loo. His discovery led to the arrival of Bandra Police who dealt with his case further. As reported by Midday, the police officer said, “After questioning him, we found nothing suspicious and he was released to his relatives after we registered the incident.”

This incident comes as an irony to the man who is the face of BMC’s Open Defecation-Free (ODF) campaign. Salman had been around slums in Goregaon to educate the locals of the risks associated with Open Defecation. To symbolise which, BMC built a toilet opposite Salman’s house, although it isn’t functional yet.

When Salim Khan was asked if this encourages other fans to breach the building he said, “The toilet that the BMC constructed is not yet functional and is away from Galaxy Apartments. We were objecting to it as it was blocking the promenade.” He further added, “I am unaware of the exact details of the person who entered the building, but every day there are several people who enter and exit Galaxy Apartments beside the residents. There must be at least 50 people coming in daily. It is the watchman’s job to check on them.” ALSO READ: Here’s how Salman Khan left Naagin 2 actress Mouni Roy blushing