Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is a free man today as he proudly walks out of the Yerwada Central Prison. He was convicted for five years of jail term after being found guilty for illegal possession of arms in relation to the 1993 Mumbai blasts. The starlet was sentenced for buying firearms from bombers, which he mentioned was to ensure the safety of his family during the 1993 Hindu-Muslim riots. (ALSO READ: Sanjay Dutt dramatically walks out of Pune’s Yerwada Central Jail with a salute)

The Munnabhai actor was granted a remission of 144 days owing to his good behavior during his prison term. Sanjay’s early release from the jail has sparked rage amongst few people who claim that the Bollywood star was already granted numerous perks in the names of parole and furlough during his sentence.

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The public litigation system (PIL) also has also filed a plea against Sanjay Dutt’s release. The social worker who moved to the Bombay High Court against his remission also stated that the actor was given preferential treatment and his early release would mean partiality towards other prisoners. (ALSO READ: Sanjay Dutt released from Yerwada jail, here’s his day-long schedule)

While Sanjay Dutt’s family and friends keenly await his return, his fans are ardent to know how he spent his jail term;

1. Sanju Baba lived in a small cell that measured 8x10ft, which had an extended 100 sq ft garden. He was allowed to take a stroll in the garden only under the supervision of four policeguards.

2. He wore a white uniform like other prisoners and lived an ordinary life.

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3. The actor would get up at six in the morning, take a shower. He was then served tea and breakfast.

4. Sanjay made paper bags during his stay in the Yerwada Central Prison. The jail staff would bring him material to make those bags, which would take most of his morning time. He was paid Rs 45 for every 100 bags. (ALSO READ: Sanjay Dutt free: Will Munnabhai get Jadoo Ki Jhappi from Bollywood?)

5. Then he would head to the Prison’s radio studio to present his show. The actor would write his own scripts for the shows and would talk about reforms in his radio show. Sanju Baba would talk on how prisoners survived their life behind the bars and what kind of rehabilitative sessions they need before leaving the place. He used to say dialogues from his popular Munnabhai films and play songs as well.

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6. Sanjay was affectionate about reading literature and would often borrow Munshi Premchand’s books. He would also read newpapers every morning without fail.

7. He was never allowed to interact with fellow prisoners. And even if he wished to speak to anyone, his conversations were monitored by the policemen escorting him.

8. The Munnabhai MBBS actor was kept in a high-security cell in the Yerwada Prison. Next to his ward was the Faansi ward, where prisoners in the death row were kept.

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9. After his radio programme, Sanjay would return to his cell for lunch at 2 pm. He would take rest for an hour or so before starting his evening radio show. Dinner was served 5:30 and he was locked back in his cell at 6 pm.

10. While other prisoners had the luxury to watch TV in the common area. Dutt was refrained from this comfort as he was kept in a high-security cell.

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11. He became spiritually inclined during his stay in the prison. Perhaps, it was the only thing that kept him strong all these years behind the bars.

12. Dutt had given up on his fate after being convicted to the five-year jail term. However, he believed that his good behaviour had chances of his early release.