Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai was one of the most loved shows on the small screen. The second season of the show is all set to come soon and fans are super excited awaiting the show. The show is going to return as a web series this time and fans are going gaga over the news. The teaser of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai was revealed recently, and we witnessed that our favourite characters will return in their original avatar once again. But that’s not all, there are two new members of the family. Firstly, its Saahil and Monisha’s son and secondly Aishwarya Sakhuja who will be seen as Saahil’s sister this season.

The makers today at invited the press for a special preview Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2. The invite for the event so gelled with the Sarabhai’s tone, it said, “Meet the Sarabhais for Cocktails Because chai is too middle class”. At the event, they introduced the characters and also unveiled some exclusive revelations about the upcoming season of the show. (ALSO READ: Sarabhai VS Sarabhai Take 2: Aishwarya Sakhuja joins the Sarabhai family in the second season!)

  1. JD, director of the show said, “Indian fans are extremists. If they don’t like you, you’re gone. But if they like you, they will never forget you. Which is what happened with Sarabhai? People used to plan Sarabhai theme parties.
  2. JD added, “We always wanted to bring the show back but we were scared if we’ll be able to create the magic again.”
  3. ‘The most challenging part was to create a set that will create the same magic as the previous season’, said JD on the challenges they faced while making the new season.
  4. Aatish Kapadia has also directed a few episodes. He was Kacha Kela in season 1.
  5. The makers will launch gag episodes of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai on Fridays. These gags will have all the crazypanti of Sarabhai. Also, these episodes will revolve around every character of the Sarabhai family.
  6. Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2 episodes will be aired every Tuesday
  7. Most people have shifted to digital for comedy. 8 million people have shifted to digital for comedy. Aaj ke date mein koi bhi TV show ko 8 ki TRP milti hi nahi hai. (In today’s day no TV show gets a TRP rating of 8). It’s a myth. Aur woh toot chuka hai. Web series ko chhota samjha jaata hai. Let’s not call it a web series, call it Sarabhai VS Sarabhai take 2, said JD on launching Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai as web series on Hotstar. (ALSO READ: Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2: Meet the new addition to this crazy family – view pic)
  8. Satish Shah on the show’s comeback, “I was not bothered about who sponsors us but I just wanted to come together”
  9. Rupali Ganguly aka Maya Sarabhai says, “Ghar milte hai toh khaane ka kharcha hota hai. Yaha mile toh we are partying at JD Bha’s expense”
  10. Ratna Pathak Shah adds, “To get a show like this going is a lot of work. It’s not an easy thing to do. Aatish is the one who churns out the story.”
  11. Aatish Kapadia finally says, “Everything has its time. We didn’t have to plan. It just fell into place. There will be different seasons based on how this one works.”