Beyonce, Queen B to her followers, released a fabulous photo shoot flaunting her baby bump to the world and the Internet just could not handle it. Well, while we first saw her pic in a bikini with she posing like an ultimate boho queen, she later posted all the pictures! Guess what? We’re loding our minds looking at them. It would be an understatement to call her a Goddess as she is beyond that!  A mother to five year old Blue Ivy, she is all set to have twins with hubby Jay Z.

The Carters have not left any stone unturned to make sure that their twins will be welcomed with a bang. Beyonce, after sharing her magnificent photo went ahead and did a full blown photo shoot inspired by the Africa goddess of prosperity and fertility; Osun. Now, one look at these pictures and you will go into a tizzy. No one has every rocked hr pregnancy bump oh so magnificently! Queen B sure rules our heart, and more so now! Her pictures broke all records and have got trillions of views in just few hours. Now, ain’t that fabulous?

Beyonce also shares a picture with her eldest daughter Blue Ivy. It is all sorts of adorable, and describing it more will dilute the whole effect, so it is better just looking at the photo shoot and get MESMERISED.

Beyonce posted a heart felt poem with pictures. It read, “Mother is a cocoon where. Cells spark, limbs form, mother Swells and stretches to protect her Child, mother has one foot in this world And one foot in the next. Mother, black Venus. She truly looks like mother earth in her full bloom and we have no choice but to bow down, in her honour! ALSO READ: Pregnant and proud! Beyonce looks like a baller bohemian QUEEN in this glorious photo shoot (See picture)

Look at the pics and you will know what we are saying.

beyonce 1

beyonce 2

beyonce (1)

beyonce 3