Mumbai Police gave a clean chit to Nana Patekar who was accused of sexual misconduct by Tanushree Dutta. Tanushree recently reacted to it and said in a statement that she is tired of “fighting alone against oppressors, bullies and a corrupt system” but still believes in getting “justice” one day.

Tanushree said in a statement, “A corrupt police force and legal system giving a clean chit to an even more corrupt person Nana who has been accused even in the past of bullying, intimidation, and harassment by several women in the film Industry”.

Mumbai Police filed a B Summary report, which is filed when the police fail to find enough evidence to support the complaint and are unable to continue the investigation.

“Our witnesses have been silenced by intimidation and fake witnesses have been put forth to weaken the case,” she added. Tanushree further questioned the Mumbai police and asked what was the rush to file a B Summary when her witnesses are yet to record their statements.

Frustrated with the “corrupt system,” Tanushree said, “I’m tired of fighting alone against oppressors, bullies and a corrupt system. I have better things to do in life with my talent and skill set and I need to focus on those but please don’t take this example to mean that you will not be heard when u speak up!!.” Urging people to always speak up and expose the “creeps,” Tanushree added, “Continue to expose these creeps through social media and other platforms so that in future people would think twice before troubling an innocent young girl.”.

She said that she is not surprised by the news of Nana Patekar getting a clean chit. “I’m neither shocked nor surprised being a woman in India this is something we all have got used to. I mean if rape accused Alok Nath got a clean chit and returned to movies then surely it was not going to be difficult for harassment accused Nana Patekar to get himself or shall we say buy himself a clean chit to continue to bully hapless young women”.

She then urged the Indian public to watch the video of her car being “mercilessly attacked and broken” while she was trying to escape from these “monsters” on the sets of Horn ok Pleasse 10 years ago.

“After this, if you still decide to watch their movies and support then it’s your bad karma. You are a corrupt people with no justice but Gods justice will rain on you someday hopefully and will avenge for all the humiliation, insult, harassment, judgment, and trauma I have had to endure in the last 10+ years because of this attitude,” said Tanushree.

Tanushree now prays that she never has to deal with this kind of toxicity ever in her life. “I still believe btw that I will get justice and victory will be mine!! How..only time will tell,” Tanushree ended her statement.