Looks like audiences don’t seem to get enough of Mallika Sherawat . The seductress is excited about her forthcoming political drama Dirty Politics. After filming a couple of songs (and multiple steamy scenes) the maker of this movie have decided to craft one more item number. Mallika will be scene  scorching with Tawe Pe Jawani. Will there be an overdose of Mallika in the days to come, we wonder.

‘Ghagra’ song from K C Bokadia’s Dirty Politics has been applauded by viewers. Staying true to the term ‘ghagra’ the song is really making the rounds on the internet and television alike, the lyrics of the song catching on effectively, ‘Ghagre mein ghamasaan…’

While the Ghagra song is making it’s way up on the chart-buster, we wonder was there ever a need to insert one more item number just to grab the eyeballs? Seeing the overwhelming response the song has garnered, filmmaker K C Bokadia has gone ahead and recorded one more song to add to the album, which was initially supposed to have only two songs. The new adition is ‘Tawa pe jawani…’ which will again see Mallika Sherawat sizzling it out.

KC Bokadia’s Dirty Politics, starring Om Puri, Anupam Kher, Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana, Govind Namdeo, Atul Kulkarni, Shushant Singh, Rajpal Yadav and Mallika Sherawat, is releasing on 6th March 2015.