farhan-akhtar-vidya-balan-shaadi-ke-side-effectsVidya Balan and Farhan Akhtar make a hatke jodi in their forthcoming movie ready to hit theatres to entertain us with ‘Shaadi ke Side Effects’. Farhan Akhtar plays a quirky husband in his upcoming film who craves to live a life of a single man, young wild and free even after marriage. Though this movie is a romantic comedy, here we help you take a look at the actual 10 apparent side effects associated with shaadi.

No independence

The apparent barbaadi (end or destruction) of independence is what people are scared of the most when getting knotted. Many men and women think that shaadi (marriage) means surrendering one’s independence. But the truth is that you’ve got to know your partner well before marrying. I you think your partner does not give you enough space that you need and then you need to rethink about getting together for marital bliss. But it’s not only about space. It also involves trust and loyalty.

Love happens to go out of the window

When practical needs crop up, your infinite love takes a break. It occurs to you that apparently you cannot survive on kisses, hugs and sex. Yes, marriage turns boring when you think about taking care of your kids, booking the gas, paying the electricity and mobile bills and buying the grocery, without getting a break.

No more spendthrift ways of living

The bachat (economy) bug bites you. Marriage makes you realize the value of money. You stop leading an extravagant life and gradually learn how to curb your expenses and start saving.

Chores = gym

The household chores will substitute for your gymming routine. That sounds scary. It is indeed hard to find a perfect no nonsense maid and if you do, sometimes the domestic help might not turn up leaving you to figure out with your chores. You lose track of time amidst washing, cooking, cleaning, and feeding. The end result would be you lose weight!

Less Pampering

Girls should get this grilled into their heads that they are no more a dominating girlfriend so there will be comparatively lesser incidents of generous dose of pampering.

The only one

Your partner is your friend with whom you share your home, quarrel and even boss over. He is the only one whom you can turn to you start wondering how coolly have you been spending fun time with your friends being single.

Being a guinea pig

Remember that you are the closest person to your partner. It changes from relationship to relationship upon who the guinea pig is.

Learn to say ‘No’

Not many people are comfortable with the art of learning to say ‘no’. Marriages become irritating when your partner takes you for granted. Instead of taking the rash decision of screaming and creating a chaos, learn to read the signs when you are being taken for granted. You can say ‘No’ only when you have created a ground for yourself.

By Priya Prakashan