Singer Shaan had to stop his concert mid-way in Guwahati on October 29. The popular playback singer was performing at a private concert when he was reportedly attacked by paper balls. After performing on many Bollywood songs, Shaan started crooning to a Bengali number and that’s what irked a section of the audience. Somebody from the audience threw a paper ball at Shaan. The singer threw it back in the crowd. A video of the incident went viral on social media and Shaan can be seen urging the audience to make ‘this political’ in the clip that surfaced. One can see Shaan shouting “Don’t make this political. Never do this with an artist”.

Shaan then stopped the concert midway and even told the audience that he was performing despite having a fever. However, as reported by, the singer returned to perform and left only after finishing the performance. The singer though acknowledged the incident on Twitter and wrote that the youth should not fall for any regional divide. He posted, “My outcry was not directed to that One Individual but to all who are harbouring these ‘Regional Devide’ Sentiments!! The Youth must not fall into this trap #StayUnited”.

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images


He also replied to a fan who apologised to him. Shaan apologised back for not keeping his cool  and wrote, “Please don’t be .. was a great night .. and I should’ve kept my cool .. Sorry to Spoil the party at the end”

Later, mentioning that he had a good time in Assam despite everything that happened and one should not criticise the entire state because of one unfortunate incident, he made another tweet. Shaan wrote, “Just for the records …loved my Assam Tour!! Saw the most fascinating sights…made new friends..had huge turnouts at every concert.. Over one unfortunate incident it would be VeryWrong to Tarnish this Beautifull State!!! Whatever happened was in the heat of the moment”

The concert was organised at Guwahati’s Sarusajai stadium. Shaan, who isn’t seen doing a lot of playback in Bollywood these days, has been one of the popular vocalists in the industry. He has given his voice to many popular tracks including Chaand Sifarish, Behti Hawa Sa, Musu Musu, Jab Se Tere Naina, and Hey Shona among others.