The #MeToo movement in India has seen a good number of stars and other well-known individuals being named and shamed for their nefarious actions. The movement, which took off after actress Tanushree Dutta accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her on the sets of 2008 movie Horn Ok Pleassss, has encouraged a good number of women to forward and speak out, and those on the sidelines have shared their views about it. While there are agreements and disagreements, superstar Shah Rukh Khan doled out some advice on how any type of relationship should be conducted.

In an interview with The Indian Express, Shah Rukh was asked what kind of advice he would give anybody who is in a relationship, and his reply was that if there is no respect there would not be any romance and love.

“Three things: Respect, respect, and respect. I really believe that. Some of my women friends, whom I have known for years, find me too formal at times. But there is no romance and love without respect. Respect means equality, and I don’t mean the social media’s #equality. To me, equality is letting you know how weak I am, equality is asking you, can you take care of me? This is what I’ve done with my wife, and my women friends because I genuinely love them,” he said.

Shah Rukh also spoke about his own relationship with his wife Gauri and his daughter Suhana, and what he teaches his son about respect.

“I teach my 21-year-old son that disrespecting a person is not okay, and I don’t mean beating or the kind of things that #MeToo has brought out. I’m talking about basic respect. I’ve been married for 30 years – I’ve never looked into my wife’s purse. I still knock on the bedroom door if she’s changing; I knock on my daughter’s bedroom door. They know it’s me, but this is their space,” he added.

Apart from Nana Patekar, the #MeToo movement has seen celebrities like Alok Nath, Anu Malik, Rajat Kapoor, Kailash Kher, Vikas Bahl, and Sajid Khan being outed by the women they had allegedly harassed.