Fan and Batman vs Superman

First thing first, Shah Rukh Khan is not donning superhero cape (few people are still getting over his G.One act in 2011 movie Ra.One). But if you are wondering why King Khan is referred as Batman and Superman, then this brilliantly made spoof video of Fan movie trailer is for you. Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming flick Fan which is a story between a fan and his idol is presented in modernized international avatar where the fan is Superman aka actor Henry Cavill and his idol is Batman aka actor Ben Affleck. This mash-up video of Fan and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is all you need to watch today. ALSO READ: Salman Khan’s Sultan teaser will be seen with Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN in theatres! Here’s why that’s special.

Mash-up and spoof videos of highly anticipated movies have become a rage on the social media. What only adds to the fun quotient is when the mash-up is between two of the biggest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. On one hand we have exciting thriller Fan starring Shah Rukh in double role while on the other side we got much-awaited superhero flick Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Both movies are on the must-watch list of movie buffs and this is what makes this spoof video a laugh riot. ALSO READ: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie pictures revealed: Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg look stunning!

FAN Tralier Spoof | FAN OF STEEL by YouTube channel Pinch n Punch has the video of Hollywood flick with the audio of Fan trailer. You will totally fall in love with the creativity shown by the makers of this video. The video has followed the lines of story depicted in Fan trailer of how a fan (Gaurav) is overly attached with his superstar hero (Aryan Khanna) but ends up becoming his biggest enemy, but with a small change.

Here Superman is a huge fan of Batman aka Bruce Wayne during his rookie journo avatar days as Clark Kent. We see actor Henry Cavill following millionaire Wayne played by Ben Affleck confessing to be a huge fan of him. Henry in true Gaurav style argues with his idol but is left humiliated. What follows next is the revenge seeking drama. Honestly, taking a look at this new trailer, I’m more interested in watching this movie than Fan and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. SRK’s Fan is releasing on April 15 while Batman v Superman will hit theaters in India on March 25, 2016.