The kind of love that actor Shah Rukh Khan receives from his fans is absolutely unprecedented. On his 54th birthday recently, hundreds of fans (as many as the road could contain) gathered outside Mannat to wish him love and luck on the special day. This was not a new phenomenon. SRK receives the same love, which only keeps getting bigger, on the 2nd of November every year. He, too, makes sure that he has as much love to give to his fans. SRK never disappoints his fans and tries to meet all of them. He greets the crowd by folding his hands, waving to them, showering them with flying kisses and more. SRK and his relationship with his fans is so beautiful that no words can describe the same. Yet he tried to do express the love for fans in his latest post on social media.

Shah Rukh Khan took to Instagram to share a black-and-white picture of himself standing near his birthday cake with a knife in hand. What he wrote along with the picture was quite heartfelt. He thanked his fans for all their love and good wishes. SRK revealed that every year on his birthday, he feels he can’t get more love than this but his fans prove him wrong on the next birthday by giving more love to him.

The caption on SRK’s post read, “And a very heartfelt Thank u to everyone who is reading this. Every year I feel that this is the most memorable birthday celebrations & every next year all your love makes it bigger & more memorable. I must be the only person in the world who feels happy getting older! Love u all” (sic)

Shah Rukh celebrated his birthday with the members of his Fanclub from Indonesia. The actor showed some dance moves and made his signature pose to entertain his fans at St Andrews Auditorium in Mumbai. The actor also shelved some details about his new film. SRK revealed that he is taking the utmost care of not disappointing his fans with his next film and he is going to announce the film very soon.