The Bollywood industry has seen many lifelong friendships, and many such friendships turn sour as well. And Shahid Kapoor believes that hoping for two or three friends that stick about you are better than what you can hope for. Recently, whilst talking to Hindustan Times, Shahid was asked if he has been able to sustain true friendship over the long span of his career.

Shahid said, “I have some good friends in the industry. True friends or not that you get to know only by the end of your life. After 20 or 25 years, if there are people who still stand by your side then you know they are true, otherwise, they were good friends. Good friends come and go in life; one should be open to that. Every relationship starts somewhere and ends somewhere. And it might be beautiful while it lasted. I have good friends in the industry, but there are few friends, about three to four of them, with whom I might spend my entire life.”

When asked if friendship is just a loosely used word in current times, Shahid replied, “I would think so. I don’t know how people get the time to make so many true friends. It takes so much time in understanding each other and investing even in those three to four people. I feel aise do teen log hee mil jaaye, jinke saath aap puri zindagi nikaal lo, toh wohi badi baat hai (If you find two to three people with whom you can share your life, itself is a big deal). Baaki good friends hote hai or friends in happy times or acquaintances hote hai (rest are friends in happy times or acquaintances).”