Shahid Kapoor and Jim Morrison

Shahid Kapoor is undoubtedly one of the finest actors Indian cinema has ever produced. The 35-year-old handsome actor has proved his acting prowess time and again. But this one particular comparison from an up-and-coming YouTuber reflects the admiration Sasha garners from all quarters. Jaby Koay doing the trailer review video of critically acclaimed movie Haider said Shahid ‘seems like an Indian Jim Morrison’. ALSO READ: Shah Rukh Khan & movie FAN Trailer thrills overseas fans! Watch review reaction video.

An actor’s performance is just not limited to praises from your country but when the art goes beyond boundaries. Shahid Kapoor’s Haider proved to be one of such landmark movie for Bollywood. It took the standards of Indian film-making ahead by miles. Vishal Bhardwaj directed 2014 film Haider was an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s tragedy play Hamlet.

In this modern day Hamlet, Shahid gave his career best performance which makes him an acting wizard. He is not another gorgeous face in the industry who cannot even twitch their acting muscles. YouTuber Jaby Koay and Hope James who are reviewing Indian movie trailers lately were completely mesmerized by Shahid in Haider.

Shahid Kapoor Haider

It is no joke when someone who has no understanding of the Hindi language cannot stop appreciating solely on the basis of acting skills. After watching the Haider trailer, Jaby compared Shahid Kapoor as an Indian Jim Morrison. He continued, “Like totally fucking weird but he is so charismatic and compelling that people want to be close to him.” Well, looks like the movie buffs in West are slowly gripped by Bollywood fever!