Mumbai, Oct 9: Actor Shahid Kapoor, who launched “Neend na mujhko aaye” — a remixed version of the 1950s song — which has been used in his new film “Shaandaar”, says he used to find solace in the company of his friends when he suffered sleepless nights. (Read: KO 2 a remake of Telugu film Pratinidhi?)

The iconic song “Neend na mujhko aaye” originally featured in the 1958 film “Post Box 999”. Its recreated version for “Shaandaar” has a quirky tinge. The track about “lack of sleep” was launched on Thursday night with Shahid, Alia Bhatt and director Vikas Bahl at a coffee shop here.

“Insomnia is something people are yet to identify in common people. It’s a big problem today, especially in big cities. Being an insomniac, I used to hang out at late night with my other friends who also face the same problem,” Shahid shared with reporters. Director Vikas Bahl said the idea about “Shaandaar” had an interesting origin.

“We thought let’s make a fun movie about weddings, song and dance. And then we thought the movie should have a story. So one night I was thinking and going through my phone. And that’s where I realised that most of the people are awake in night and keep posting (on social media) about being awake.

“So I said to myself that if people are awake the whole night, it is perfect time to have an affair. Any two people who are awake late in night, could chat with each other and then the story follows from there,” Bahl said.

Talking about the song and the film, Shahid said: “Making insomnia as an angle of the film is the nicest way to make people know about this. So while making a song, we thought this old classic went so well with the theme. It’s a cool idea to use the song. “The song tells the tale of two individuals who connect because they are both insomniacs and eventually they fall in love.” The original track was sung by Hemant Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar. It is recreated by composer Amit Trivedi.