Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have joined the league of B-town parents recently. The duo welcomed their little bundle of joy on August 26 i.e. Friday. The Kapoors are in a celebratory mood with the arrival of the new member in the family. Shahid’s father and actor Pankaj Kapur, wife Supriya Pathak, Shahid’s mother Neelima Azim and her son Ishaan rushed to the hospital to be with the new parents. The grandparents are speechless to see Shahid hold his first born in his arms. Neelima is completely elated with the birth of Shahid’s daughter. (ALSO READ: Elated grandma Neelima Azeem reveals how Shahid Kapoor is taking good care his little daughter)

While talking to a leading daily, she said, “I have two sons (Shahid and Ishaan) with a difference of 13 years between them. I always wanted a daughter. I can’t begin to express my emotions. When I heard that Mira had delivered a little girl… it was joy multiplied. To see your first-born holding his own little first-born and just seeing him take care of our little angel made me speechless! I can’t express that beautiful feeling… Ishaan is now a chachu!” Although, Neelima didn’t have any reservations about Shahid having a boy or a girl, having a granddaughter just multiplied her joy.

In her conversation with DNA, she further added, “The youngest in our family is now taking care of the little baby… Mira, Shahid, Ishaan and the baby — fill me with indescribable happiness. Though I would have been as happy if Mira and Shahid had a son, as I am used to being surrounded by boys. We say when a daughter is born — ghar mein bacchi aane se huzoor ki salami hui hai… Ab har tare ki barkat milegi (we have been blessed by God. Now peace, happiness and prosperity will reign)” (ALSO READ: Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput become parents: Fake pictures of the newborn go viral on Instagram)

Shahid’s daughter has just made their family complete, “Whatever challenges that life throws at you seem little when we see the golden light… Both my sons are doing well now personally and professionally. Ishaan will make his Bollywood debut soon. Mujhe aur kya chahiye? Bas apni dono bachchoon ki khushi. What else can I ask for? It’s the ultimate for a mother to see their kids happy and doing well. When I walked into the hospital and looked at the baby… To say that I got emotional is a small feeling. It’s a very different feeling — ek ajeeb pride aur khushi hoti hai… As adults, we go through ups and downs, but when you hold a little baby in your arms everything fades away and only a huge feeling of gratitude remains.”

The former actress says that she reached the hospital a few minutes after the baby was born. She wished to be there before time but was held up in traffic.  “As soon as we heard the news, we bought mithai and rushed there. But there was heavy traffic and rains so we got held up. I became very impatient as I wanted to reach fast so I kept hurrying our driver who was shocked at my behaviour. Usually, I fall asleep in the car and am much more controlled! (laughs) I wanted to give Mira and Shahid some space as a family, so I was just waiting for the call to go there. What is distance? I would have flown to another country to see my grandchild.” (ALSO READ: Shahid Kapoor tweets about his baby girl: ‘She has arrived and words fall short to express our happiness’)

Neelima also shared her feelings on being a grandmother for the first time. “It’s wonderful. In my family we do everything early. I became an actor and dancer when I was very young and had Shahid when I was just 20. So I was a young mother as well. It’s great being a young grandmother because then you can play with the child, travel, be actively involved and grow with them and relate better to them,” added Shahid’s mother.

When asked who the baby looks like, Neelima looked quite puzzled as it would be too early to comment on it. “It’s difficult to say who a one-day-old baby resembles. Uska rang chadega har din, so you really can’t say whom she looks like now. All I will say is that the baby is very beautiful. Bahut pyari hai bachchi. Maa baap bhi itne pyare hain, they are made for each other and the baby is too. My son has got his unit — now he is one boy with two girls, I was one girl with two boys (smiles).” (ALSO READ: Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput baby girl: Alia Bhatt, Karan Johar, Riteish Deshmukh congratulate couple!)

Neelima also revealed that the new parents have already decided upon the baby’s name but she cannot disclose it. She wants Shahid and Mira to have that privilege. “There is a name for the baby but it’s the parents’ prerogative to announce it. The most interesting thing I can add here is that I thought of the same name as Shahid and Mira. Once Mira and the baby are back at home I plan to visit them as often as I can. I miss her already.”

Well, we are desperate to see her first pictures and know her name as well. Mira Rajput delivered her first child ahead of the expected date. The Bollywood actor’s wife was experiencing trouble during her pregnancy. Hence, Shahid was taking extra care of his beautiful wife off late.