In Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 10 January 2017 episode, Harman is walking up and down in his room and worrying if Surbhi has told everyone in her house that she doesn’t want to marry him. He calls up Surbhi to ask her if she has spoken to Maninder, Bebe and Naani and told them. Surbhi doesn’t answer his phone, she gets reminded of the day when Soumya told her that Preeto will let her live with Harman only if she convinces Surbhi to marry Harman. Soumya asks Harman why does he look worried. She asks him if he is calling up someone, Harman denies. He asks her to go away and not pester him with her questions. Soumya quietly leaves. Harman again calls up Surbhi but she doesn’t pick up the call again and wishes how she could explain to Harman that it is because of his mother, Preeto that she has to marry him. Preeto will not let Soumya live in that house if she doesn’t marry him, and their lives are just a deal for Preeto.

Bebe asks Maninder why is he upset and nothing will happen if he keeps getting worried like that. He breaks down. Bebe tells him that this alliance is not as bad for Surbhi as they are thinking. Maninder looks at her puzzled. She tells him that the Harman’s family is good, they are only angry with Soumya and it is because of Soumya’s fault, otherwise they are nice people. She tells Maninder that all of them will happily accept Surbhi and slowly, Harman will also forget Soumya and then, Surbhi will rule there. Maninder tells her that he always wanted Surbhi to get away from Soumya’s omnious shadow.

Next morning, Surbhi asks where is Maninder, Bebe tells her that Maninder is telling everyone that she has got a job and going out of town. Surbhi rushes to stop him, but Bebe stops her and tells her that they both love her a lot, they aren’t her enemies. They will never do anything that will hurt her. Bebe gifts Surbhi jewellery and other stuff for her marriage as a token of her blessings. Surbhi accepts it.

Soumya is decorating Harman’s house, Preeto tells Soumya to call Harman for the Haldi ceremony. There, Harman tries calling Surbhi again, but her phone is switched off. Soumya comes in to call him for Haldi ceremony, and gives him his clothes. She asks him to get ready as everyone is waiting for him downstairs. Harman angrily runs downstairs, where Harak Singh is complementing Preeto on the arrangements she has done. Meanwhile, Surbhi reaches with her family, Preeto warmly welcomes everyone. Preeto asks Surbhi to get ready, Soumya takes Surbhi in. Preeto asks Soumya, also, to get ready. Before both of them could go, Harman asks for Soumya’s phone, Soumya tells him that she forgot her phone in the room, so he takes Surbhi’s phone and sees that it is switched off. He asks Surbhi why is her phone switched off, she excuses herself saying that it must have got switched off, by mistake.

Harman goes to his room and messages Surbhi that why has she come there, when he asked her not to. Surbhi doesn’t respond. He gets angry and throws his phone on the floor.

Harman’s sister asks Preeto why can’t Surbhi’s family have this ceremony at their home, Preeto explains her that this is not an ordinary marriage, and they don’t have to tell people that Harman is getting married to his sister-in-law. Also, They have to hide that Soumya is a kinnar, so they have to do everything in a secretive manner.

There, someone calls Saya and tells her that Soumya’s husband is getting married to someone. Saya gets reminded of the time when she herself gave Soumya’s hand (whom she named Tarana) to Harman and asked Harman to promise that he will always keep her happy. She decides she will not let Soumya’s life get ruined like that. Harman and Surbhi’s Haldi ceremony starts, everyone starts putting haldi on them and blessing them. Soumya sees this and something inside her breaks, she recalls her happy times with Harman.