In tonight’s episode of Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, Harman ( Vivian Dsena) will ask Surbhi why has she not said no to this marriage. As we saw in yesterday’s episode, Harman and Surbhi met outside the house and Harman asked Surbhi to say no for the marriage because he is bound by Soumya’s (Rubina Dilaik) ‘kasam’. He told Surbhi that he loves Soumya too much and cannot let anyone take her place in his life. Surbhi feels helpless and is unable to tell Harman that even she cannot retract from her decision, which she has taken for Soumya’ s happiness. She is unable to tell Harman that it is because of his own mother, Preeto that she is getting married to him.

The date of marriage gets fixed and Harman talks to Surbhi once again. When asks her why has she agreed to this marriage, she explains that even she is bound by situations and circumstances. She is equally helpless as Harman and cannot go back on her decision. Harman dos not understand what she is saying and what she means but may be he will get an idea that his mother, Preeto has played this big a game. Will Harman do something to stop this marriage from materializing or will he go with the flow? Will anyone else come and try to stop the marriage from happening?

We will see how everyone is present there, at Harman’s house, where the marriage is supposed to take place. Maninder, Bebe and Naani have also come but Maninder is looking a little relaxed. Has he planned something? He does not want Surbhi’s life to get ruined. He does not want her to sacrifice her life’s happiness for Soumya. (ALSO READ : Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki: Will Harman, Soumya and Surbhi’s relationship change for worse? )

We will see how a ‘kinnar’ gets to know about the marriage and decides to come to Harman’s house. We see how she is talking to someone on the phone asking if ‘the news’ is true and then says that she will not let another kinnar’s life get ruined like that. Is she talking about Soumya? What will she do? Will she reach Harman’s house and stop the marriage?

We will see how the marriage is taking place with all the ceremonies being done as they should be, only that there are no guests. Harman will put vermilion on Surbhi’s forehead, he will put a mangalsutra in her neck and take the seven sacred vows around the firre, but we will see how Surbhi will hold Soumya’s hand during the ‘pheras’ and the three of them will take rounds around the fire together. What will be the consequence of such a marriage?