In Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 22 March 2017 episode, Soumya (Rubina Dilaik) and Harman (Vivian Dsena) come home holding each other’s hands. Preeto (Kamya Punjabi) and Surbhi (Roshni Sahota) look at them and Soumya gets a little uncomfortable. She makes Harman leave her hand. Harak Singh asks Harman to come and have a drink with him. Harman gets surprised and tells Harak Singh that he can say no to him but no to alcohol. He taunts Soumya metaphorically in front of everyone and says that alcohol doesn’t betray anyone. Preeto sees Harman looking at Soumya while saying this. Harak Singh asks everyone who doesn’t want to drink to leave them alone. (ALSO READ: Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 21 March 2017 written update, full episode: Harman comes home holding Soumya’s hands; Surbhi jealous!)

While going back, Surbhi collides with Shanno. Shanno asks her to be careful. Surbhi asks Shanno if she has the medicine for headache and Shanno starts taking her to her room to give her the medicine. Preeto stops Shanno and Surbhi. She asks Surbhi to go to Harman and ask him to get medicine for her.

Surbhi reaches the hall where Harman is having drink with Harak Singh and tells Harman that her head is throbbing with pain and she needs medicine. Harman politely tells her to ask Varun to get it. Surbhi tells Harman that he will have to go out and get the medicine for her. Harman gets angry and starts shouting at Surbhi. Meanwhile, everyone else gathers in the hall. Surbhi reminds Harman that she is his wife and it is his duty to take care of her. Harman tells Surbhi that she has been forced upon him and he never wanted to marry her in first place.
Preeto tells Harman what is the need to bring this topic in between every time and tells him that it is  just about getting a medicine for Surbhi. Soumya tells Harman not to argue with Surbhi like this and get her the medicine because she is his responsibility now. Harman tells Soumya that he cannot argue with her and leaves. Preeto fuels the fire and tells Surbhi now that Soumya has asked Harman to get the medicine for her, Harman would do anything to get it and wouldn’t come empty-handed. She asks Surbhi to go and rest in her room, meanwhile. (ALSO READ: Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 22 March 2017 written update, preview: Surbhi argues with Harman; leaves Soumya baffled!)

When everyone leaves, Harak Singh offers Preeto a drink. Preeto doesn’t drink it and tells Harak Singh to stop having these small pegs and start preparing for a huge party. Soumya goes to Surbhi’s room with ginger tea and tells her to have it. She tells Surbhi that she shouldn’t talk to Harman in that manner and she doesn’t even complete her sentence, when Surbhi gets up and tells her that she did not ask for her advice. Soumya gets shocked at Surbhi’s reaction, she tries to correct herself but Surbhi doesn’t listen. She asks Soumya that only she has a right over Harman. Soumya responds saying that she has never thought like that. She calmly asks Surbhi to share with her whatever is troubling her but Surbhi keeps talking rudely to her. Suddenly, Harman enters the room and hands Soumya the medicine and asks her to give it to her sister. Soumya takes a tablet out and gives it to Surbhi but Surbhi throws it on the floor and tells Soumya that she is not a beggar. Soumay looks at her puzzled.

At the dinner table, Chintu and Harman are waiting for Soumya. Soumya comes out of the kitchen with Surbhi’s favourite kheer. She tells Surbhi that she has made kheer for her and serves it to her in a bowl. Surbhi takes it but then tells Soumya that she doesn’t feel like eating it and leaves the dinner table. Harman sees Soumya upset and tells Soumya to give him four bowls of kheer. Chintu also tells his Soumya Maami that he also wants some kheer. Preeto tries to have some fun and tells Soumya that Surbhi’s tastes have changed now.

Later, Raavi reaches Balwinder’s house with Soumya where Balwinder’s prospective in-laws are sitting and finalising a date of Balwinder and their daughter’s marriage. Raavi tells them that Kishan Lal, Balwinder’s father, is a greedy person and tells them how cruel they have been to her. But Balwinder’s in-laws take Kishan Lal’s side and tell Raavi that in fact, she has been a bad daughter-in-law and today, she proved it also. Soumya tells them that they have some misunderstanding and Raavi is not at all like that and is a really good person. Kishan Lal moves forward and whispers to Soumya threatening her to disclose her real identity and maligning Harak Singh’s name in the society.