Admittedly, Shekhar Suman has never been too fond of Kangana Ranaut. Only if you were living under a rock would you not know of Shekhar and his son, Adhyayan Suman‘s feud with Kangana. Well, the Rangoon actress and Junior Suman were in a romantic relationship in 2008, while shooting for Raaz: The Mystery Continues but broke up sometime later. As described by both him and (recently) Kangana, it didn’t end too well.

Now after the situation seemed to have diffused a little, Shekhar Suman posted on Twitter what seemed like a sly dig against Kangana Ranaut where he wrote: “Itna hungama ..itna shor sharaba..nateeja?khoda pahad ..nikli chuhiya!” As he did so, it seemed obvious that Suman is aiming it at Kangana. The actor was at the end of heavy trolling from Kangana fans after that Tweet. In response to that, Shekhar Suman is now claiming that Tweet was not meant for Kangana at all, as per reports in Mid Day. In fact, it wasn’t aimed at anyone. Well, so he says.

Howsoever it may be, one would be forgiven for believing it was in fact aimed at Kangana, as the tweet came at a time when Kangana’s Simran started receiving only decent reviews. And this hasn’t even been the first time that he’s aimed a dig at Kangana during a release of her film. Previously, when her film Rangoon released earlier this year, Suman had written in a tweet: “One cocained actress was carrying the burden of her non existent stardom.She has fallen flat on her face n how.Guess this is poetic justice.”