Admittedly, Shekhar Suman has never been too fond of Kangana Ranaut. Only if you were living under a rock would you not know of Shekhar and his son, Adhyayan Suman‘s feud with Kangana. Well, the Rangoon actress and Junior Suman were in a romantic relationship in 2008, while shooting for Raaz: The Mystery Continues, but broke up some time later. As described by both him and (recently) Kangana, it didn’t end too well.

Kangana recently blasted her exes in an interview with senior journalist Rajat Sharma in his show Aap Ki Adalat. Adhyayan Suman, who was once in a relationship with the actress, had claimed that not only did she beat him up, but also practice black magic. In Kangana’s defense, she denied these claims, however, she thinks she should indeed have beaten him up. “He was 95 kgs and I was of 49 kgs. How could I ever hit him? I wouldn’t be able to. However, now that I look at it, I should have hit him” she said.” To which Junior Suman responded saying: “Sorry haven’t heard about the interview… been too caught up with the more important things in life… and I am not interested in knowing about it either.”

Now after the situation seems to have diffused a little, Shekhar Suman posted a sly dig on Twitter against Kangana Ranaut where he wrote: “Itna hungama ..itna shor sharaba..nateeja?khoda pahad ..nikli chuhiya!” And this isn’t the first time Shekhar Suman has come to his son’s rescue. Earlier this year when the matter was touched, Shekhar swooped in calling Kangana a “cocained actress”

Although it is Kangana who seems to have the last laugh. All this commotion seems to have worked in the favour of her film Simran which released in theatres on Friday. The film is soaring in the box office in a year which is short of box office successes. Kangana’s film has earned Rs 6.53 crore in just three days and the critics are most impressed with her performance in the film.