Much like her much-talked about erotic film Kamasutra 3D is off the Bollywood calendar, Sherlyn Chopra is off B-town map. Yes, when we met her last the babe was talking emphatically about her sizzling scenes in the movie, and now just when we were busy figuring out what happened to Chora’s ‘ambitious’ project the hottie emerged oout of nowhere to do what she does best. Making loud statements that is. And this time around Sherlyn expressing her desire to have a new kind of…ahem ahem SEX.

After being seen with barely there clothes with a bunch of (half) naked guys, Sherly has turned her sight to gals. At least that’s what she said in her rather bizzare interview to a daily. “I choose to believe that most women have a higher EQ (emotional quotient) than men. I find it easy to bare my heart and soul to women. Most of the men whom I have met to date have been very judgmental, shallow and they have just one thing on their mind. And that is overrated. I would rather have soul sex – taste one’s thoughts, ideas, notions, temperament, sentiments than have mechanical or meaningless sex. When it comes to soul sex, I prefer women. Cheers to womanhood,” said Sherlyn.

Voila! looks like Sherlyn is getting into the mumbo-jumbo of soul sexing. We hope she gets what is seeking so desperately-with men or with ladies, preference will always be hers. nudge-nudge!