Bollywood starlet Sherlyn Chopra and her ‘Kamasutra 3D’ director Rupesh Paul were locked in a wordy dual on Wednesday with the model saying she will not promote the film.

Chopra, 29, slammed Paul through her expletive-filled tweets and Paul too called her names in a statement.

Chopra said she barely shot for five days for the film, which became a possibility only because of her popularity as the director did not have funds to shoot the 3D film. Chopra claimed that she helped Paul find producers for it.

Whereas, Paul said that he rescued Chopra from the “filth of porn”.

Using derogative language, Chopra has been raining abuses on Twitter against Paul.

“We’ll it’s actually a new news for me to know that Sherlyn has quit the movie. As a director, I have shot all the scenes with her for my movie except for few promotional ones.

Then I fail to understand when did she quit?

“She should not forget that it is Rupesh Paul and Kamasutra 3D who has brought her to the light of cinema from the stinking darkness of porn and filth,” Paul said in a equally derogatory statement.

‘Kamasutra 3D’ is expected to hit theatres in May this year. PTI