The highly anticipated film ‘Shivaay’ directed and produced Ajay Devgn has hit the silver screens today, October 28. Sayyeshaa Saigal is the new face of the industry and we are sure she is equally excited about her debut film and eagerly waiting to know the reaction from the movie lovers. Abigail Eames and Erika Kaar are seen playing the role of Ajay’s daughter and ladylove respectively. The minute the trailer of ‘Shivaay’ was released, it was clear that it’s going to be a kick-ass action film and yes, it has turned out to be one. You guys will see some never-seen-before action and the lead actor has just aced it. The action sequences looked absolutely flawless. Be it direction or cinematography, it has been well executed. Ajay’s film ‘Shivaay’ is loaded with action and emotional family drama. Read on to know what is our take on ‘Shivaay’.

Before getting into the detailed review, don’t forget that ‘Shivaay’ will also be Ajay Devgn’s biggest international release. There have already been many controversies behind this film. In fact just yesterday self proclaimed critic created a mess for the makers of the ‘Shivaay’ by uploading the first scene of the film on social media. Yes, he actually violated the piracy laws. The movie hits the silver screens today, October 28. But during a special press show we got the opportunity to watch ‘Shivaay’. So here is our take on Ajay Devgn’s film.

The opening scene of the film is quite dramatic with the title song playing in the background. First it shows Ajay Devgn who plays the titular role lying on ground almost half dead and later it gets in flashback mode. And then Shivaay is seen lying shirtless on a snow-clad mountain. The man who knows every nook and corner of the beautiful Himalayas, shows off his mountaineering skills and trust us, with the beautiful snow-capped mountains in the backdrop, it was a visual treat. The stunts were impressive because it looked absolutely effortless. Shivaay works as a tourist guide and that’s how he comes across Olga (Erika Kaar). Olga speaks decent Hindi and without any delay you’ll see that both Shivaay and Olga showing interest in each other. (ALSO READ: Shivaay trailer 2: Just before Diwali, Ajay Devgn treats his fans with film’s second trailer)

Things start brewing between Shivaay and Olga when they go on trekking with a group. It’s then when they see an avalanche coming. Shivaay successfully saves everyone in the group but the way he saved Olga was something really over the top. Before the avalanche hits them, the duo jumps off into a tent nearby that tosses off in the abyss that gets hung in the air in between two peaks. And from there everything goes lovey-dovey for the two. Their romance begins and goes on till the time Olga insists that she wishes to return to Bulgaria. But Shivaay wants his ladylove to stay back as he cannot live without the Himalayas.

Not measured by distance but by breaths, the two decide to stay afar and continue their relationship. Just before Olga is about to leave for Bulgaria, she realizes that she’s pregnant. On hearing this Shivaay knew Olga wouldn’t want the baby and so requests her to stay back and give birth to the child and then do whatever she wants. After an emotional drama scenario, Olga stays back and gives birth to a baby girl (Abigail Eames) who is referred as Gaura in the film. Without even seeing the newborn’s face, Olga leaves for Bulgaria leaving Shivaay and Gaura back in India. From there on you’ll see the strong bond of a father and his little girl. All this while Gaura who cannot speak was told that her mother was dead but she gets to know the truth in the most unfortunate way. Gaura then insists that she wants to meet her mother.

Initially Shivaay refuses to fulfil his daughter Gaura’s wish but later on, he gives her the ticket to Bulgaria as a surprise and both head to the beautiful country in search of Olga. After reaching Bulgaria when they realize that Olga’s residential address isn’t the same anymore, they head to the Indian Embassy where they come across Anushka (Sayyeshaa Saigal) who promises the father-daughter duo that she’ll help them find Olga. The rest from then on turns horrific for Shivaay and Gaura after they leave the Indian Embassy. There’s unexpected twist and turns that is loaded with high-octane action sequences and emotional family drama. You’ll see the lengths a father goes to save his baby girl from the masked men who ruin his world. The Himalayan mountaineer turns into a destroyer from then onwards and that’s just to protect his family. (ALSO READ: Shivaay movie review: Did KRK upload Ajay Devgn’s film’s scenes on Twitter to take revenge?)

What we loved

The kick-ass action sequences, breathtaking locales, songs and perfect scoring in the background – it sets the mood right. The makers of the film have nailed it with its direction, acting and cinematography. There is no overdose of the VFX, it looks believable. The Bolo Har Har Har song is composed and sung perfectly and it is used in major portion of the film. You’ll love Ajay Devgn’s intense acting and action scenes. Abigail Eames, Erika Kaar and Sayyeshaa Saigal have done a decent job as well. There are many stunts that we have never-seen-before and they are class apart. Ajay Devgn’s die-hard fans are going to love it for sure.

What was dull

The film Shivaay has been dragged for no reason. The plot of the film is a major drawback. There are times when you’ll be totally disconnected. Ajay Devgn is there in almost all the scenes due to which we felt the other characters did not get that much space to perform. Abigail Eames seemed overacting in many portions of the film. Also, we doubt if this movie was a right choice made by debutant Sayyesha Saigal. The dialogues given to her will kill you to boredom. (ALSO READ: Shivaay music review: Songs in Ajay Devgn’s film are very addictive!)

Overall Verdict

‘Shivaay’ could have turned a blockbuster if the storyline was little better. The father-daughter story is heart-warming but it goes out of track after a certain point of time. Ajay Devgn’s film with high-octane action did manage to strike an emotional chord but not as much as what we all expected. If you’re a die-hard fan of action films then you shouldn’t give ‘Shivaay’ a miss, otherwise there’s nothing amazing to be seen here in terms of storyline.

Rating: 2.5 stars