Shocking: Akshara Haasan wardrobe malfunction becomes the talk of the town!

The little girl has just stepped into B’town, and she is already being targeted by the paparazzi. Kamal Haasan’s younger daughter Akshara Haasan has become a hot topic of discussion among her newfound male fans since the release of her debut film Shamitabh on February 6. The young lady has won accolades for her role in Shamitabh and was also praised by her seasoned co-actors Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush. But little did she know that she would soon become the favourite of the media and be scrutinised for everything she did!

Akshara Haasan is been a trending topic online since the Shamitabh event where she apparently had a wardrobe malfunction, and even more so now that the film has released. But we think the occurrence is being blown out of proportion. The 23-year-old girl was simply wearing a little black dress. And we feel anybody wearing a dress like that will be sitting uncomfortably on a high chair. (Watch video below)

Looking at Akshara’s face, we can definitely say that it was not something she did deliberately, something which some Hollywood celebs and even our Bollywood beauties tend to do.

Poor Akshara is just being hassled and there is a huge search for her ‘hot’ pictures already. On top of that, the modern girl has reportedly announced that she is ready to wear a bikini on screen! Akshara’s life in show business has begun with a bang indeed, and she will soon be competition for her sister Shruti Haasan. But we’re sure their parents Kamal and Sarika have already warned the girls to be careful about the path they’re treading!

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