Popular television saga Diya Aur Baati Hum has produced a rather shocking surprise in real life. Sandhya aka Deepika Singh of the television drama, we hear, is lily to go under the knife. A secret birdie of ours who keeps a close watch on tele-land has informed us that Deepika has off late been given minimal dialogues. On further probing it was gathered that Deepika is going through an excruciating pain. Apparently, the actor has develop a lump or a nodule in her throat. Reports also suggest that if the 25-year-old doest get healed after primary diagnosis and the treatment followed thereafter, she might  might have to be operated upon.

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Deepika’s fans are now showing a great deal of concern for their favourite TV star since she has not been able to talk or even eat for the past few days. Deepika’s husband and Diya Aur Baati Hum’s former director  Rohit Raj Goyal,has apparently confirmed the news. He was quoted as saying that Deepika has not been keeping well for more than a week now. “She has a vocal cord nodule which is giving her lot of pain. She is not able to talk and eat. We have consulted our family doctor and he has asked her to get operated. If it doesn’t heal then she will have to go undergo a throat operation,” he said in an interview to a a leading web portal.

We at India.com wish Deepika Singh aka Sandhay a speedy recovery!