miley-cyrus nipples at mtv vmas 2015-video-music-awards

As if Miley Cyrus in her various semi-nude outfits were not enough to shock her fans at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) 2015, the singer-actress gave an unmistakable peekaboo of her nipples to people! In an image (and video) that has gone viral, Miley is seen standing behind a black curtain on stage and leaves it just for bit to flash her left naked boob! See this image (we have blurred it) if you don’t believe us!

With a mic in hand, Miley shouted, “What’s happening? Oh, sorry, my tit’s out!” The girl is just not scared of showing off her body! She has posed nude for countless magazines, too. The recent one being Paper Mag where she went without clothes for a cause – The Happy Hippie Foundation that she runs for the people with alternated sexuality. She also will be seen shirtless on the cover of ELLE UK in their October 2015 special 30th anniversary issue.

Miley is the ultimate ‘crazy and cool’ girl of her generation, and with this act at the 2015 VMAs, it’s confirmed that she’s no wacko but doing it all on purpose! No wonder rapper Nicki Minaj, who had a wardrobe malfunction herself at her Pink Project concert, allegedly called Miley a ‘bitch’ at the VMAs this year! (Photo and video: MTV VMA 2015)