Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar, is the Hindi remake of the much-loved 2013 Tamil flick – Kalyana Samayal Saadham (Wedding Feast in English). The romantic comedy was directed by R.S. Prasanna who has once again wielded the camera for the Bollywood version as well. In such scenario, expecting the filmmaker to improve on all that was wrong with the first version is not too much to ask for.

Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, much like the original film, talks about erectile dysfunction. Does the film shed light on a much taboo topic and successfully normalize it without getting preachy? Read the review to know…

What’s It About?
Mudit Sharma (Ayushmann Khurrana) has fallen heads over heels in love with Sugandha (Bhumi Pednekar). She likes him too and is aware of his interest in her. But it’s just ‘ishaaron ishaaron mein baatein’ this far as both have failed to muster the courage to talk to each other and take their story ahead. Their love story gets a kickstart when Mudit sends an online rishta for Sugandha, much to the delight of her parents. Before the groom and bride, the families come onboard for the ideal shaadi. An engagement follows and the to-be-married couple, who were once too shy to even talk to each other, decide to get intimate one night! Sadly, the performance anxiety prevents Mudit from getting things up and going on time. He cites his ‘gents problem’ as the culprit. Sugandha, who is no naïve, is quick to understand what this issue is.

While Mudit tries to find a fix for his problem, the families get on with the wedding preparations with Mudit and Sugandha playing along. Their love is beyond sex and so they do not see this as a problem. However, ishq aur mushq chupaaye nahi chhupte and more people know about this ‘gents problem’ than Mudit and Sugandha can even phantom. Does this turn out to be a good or a bad thing for their relationship; the equation between their families; their impending marriage; and most importantly, is this information which is now common knowledge able to help Mudit’s cause? All this and more awaits us in the course of the film.

What’s Hot?
Ayushmann Khurrana and Bhumi Pednekar’s chemistry and effortless performances save the film from being a drag affair. However, they are getting repetitive with the kind of roles and characters they are choosing to do. I really hope they try something new the next time.

Hitesh Kewalya’s writing packs a punch in almost every scene, ensuring a few laughs every now and then. Director RS Prasanna captures the little details of a typical middle class family life very well. The conversations between the various characters in the film are cheeky at times but they stay away from being witless or lewd. Special mention to Sugandha’s progressive family where the mother talks about sex, in all its glorious details, without actually uttering the word and the father who talks to the daughter about Mudit’s erectile dysfunction in a matter of fact way, sans any awkwardness.

Contrary to this, through Mudit’s family, the film beautifully shows how our regressive mindsets have still blinded us from seeing that a man can be at fault too. That the problem can lie with him as well. The film highlights how many marriages in our society will be saved if parents start having open conversations with their children.

What’s Not?
A weak script takes down a strong subject. There is not enough time spent in establishing the couple’s true, mad, deep love for each other. And the story makes very little effort in magnifying the issue of erectile dysfunction. The manner in which the lead star comes to a conclusion that ‘usse na ho payega’ is unconvincing. Erectile dysfunction is a modern-day, stressful lifestyle related problem among urban youth.
Too much time is spend in making fun of a sensitive problem than actually trying to find a solution to it. Can we only talk about taboo topics if we are to joke about them or can we ever as a society grow up to have a serious discussion around them with the view to finding a way out?

What To Do?
It is an arousing foreplay that doesn’t give you the climax you hoped for but leaves you with a happy ending.

Verdict rating: 2.5 stars

Watch the official trailer of Shubh Mangal Saavdhan below:

The film hits screens on September 1, 2017!