Kangana Ranaut’s Simran released on Friday amidst much controversy surrounding not only the actress, but the director and the film’s principal writer in what was a lengthy dispute. But since no publicity is bad publicity, there was no doubt Simran’s release was going to make some noise. The film, in the eyes of the critics seems one that is saved solely due to Kangana’s individual brilliance. But the Queen’s fans have loved her and the film alike.

The Hansal Mehta directorial started slow on Friday, managing Rs 2.77 crore on the opening day. Saturday witnessed further growth bringing Rs 3.76 crore. Sunday did see growth, bagging a decent Rs 4.12 crore bringing the total earnings to Rs 10.65 crores. The growth, however, was limited due to the cricket match between India vs Australia taking much of the nation’s attention. The film’s only major competition comes in Farhan Akhtar’s Lucknow Central, which is not impressing either. The film lags behind Simran earning Rs 8.42 crore. ALSO READ: 5 Things That Women Should Take Away From Kangana Ranaut’s Simran

Our in-house critic, Smrity Sharma says, “Kangana’s flawless performance covers up for the flaws in the story and her endearing antics makes up for the weakly sketched character that she plays. As Praful Patel, she epitomizes the good, bad and ugly of life of a single Indian woman. Much like her real life right now, Kangana plays a character that is unapologetic about her choices, extremely proud of what she has made of herself, head strong, and who hasn’t lost ambition despite all odds up against her.”