Kangana Ranaut has been in the spotlight, but sadly her upcoming film, Simran, which is all set to release this Friday (September 15), isn’t. That’s because in all the interviews that she has been giving so far as a part of the promotions, she is being asked questions about the controversies in her personal life. We still remember when the trailer was unveiled few weeks back, it impressed almost everyone. But unfortunately, the focus from Simran has shifted to the turmoil in Kangana’s life.

That’s when we decided to get in touch with our in-house trade expert, Akshyaye Rathi (exhibitor and distributor) and asked him if this will affect the box office collections of the film. Talking about the buzz around Simran, Akshaye said, “Going by the promos and the way it is being released, Simran is a very niche film. Having said that, one should never say never. If it’s a really entertaining film, it can do anything. And if the word of mouth is good, then it will grow with time.” ALSO READ: Kangana Ranaut Has Diverted Attention From Simran To Her Love Life

But he agreed with us and said that the attention has indeed been diverted as he says, “The attention has been diverted away from the film and towards trivial issues. This has actually been a pattern for Kangana. Each time she is out there to promote her film, her controversial personal life, rather convoluted personal life becomes the focus.”

Akshaye is of the opinion that by bringing her sob story in the forefront, Kangana is doing a “disservice” to her film and the producers. “The kind of coverage in the media doesn’t help your ticket season at all. There should be information about the film that she should talk about and aspects of Simran that will appeal to the audience. Instead of these, she is talking about who ditched her, who she dated, who she’s marrying or not marrying,” Rathi further adds.

So looking at the current scenario, how much money will it end up making at the domestic box office on the first day and by the end of opening weekend, we asked. “Going by the buzz that Simran is carrying now, something around Rs 2 crore to Rs 3 crore would be pretty good. It’s a very niche release also. It is being released just in 500 to 600 screens. As for the opening weekend business, if the reports are good, it could easily make somewhere close to Rs 8 crore by the end of Sunday,” Akshaye concluded.

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