Kangana Ranut has been taking the internet by storm with her bold comments and interviews about both Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi. While much has been spoken about her personal life, the real test will begin on tomorrow ie September 15, when her film Simran will hit screens, which now can potentially either make or break her career. Not only that, after Rangoon‘s box office debacle, high expectations have been pinned on the actress to deliver a promising act with her latest outing. Simran is a slice of life film which is based entirely in the US and is reportedly based on a real-life incident.

Helmed by Hansal Mehta who has delivered award-winning films like Shahid and Aligarh, the film is based on the life of Simran, essayed by Kangana, who is a happy-go-lucky divorcee with kleptomaniac issues. Ever since the teaser was out people had been waiting in great anticipation for the film to hit screens. And now with just a day left for the film’s release, amid a whole lot of controversy and mayhem sparked by Kangana, the excitement surrounding the film is palpable.

Although Simran is slated to release this Friday, people in the Gulf have already watched it as the film hits screens a day earlier there and the first reviews coming in state that Kangana was nothing short of exceptional in and as Simran. Gulfnews had posted one of the initial reviews and it’s all praises for the film’s lead actress. This is what it said, “She makes robbing banks look like child’s play and is reckless at a casino, but Kangana Ranaut manages to inject a degree of adorability in Praful Patel, the flawed protagonist in her latest film, Simran. Credit has to be given to Ranaut for injecting verve into a character whose rebellion seems displaced. Her antics — even if ridiculous — make you smile because Ranaut is a skilled actor. The scene in which she tries to flirt with an American is pure gold.”

The review also raved about Hansal Mehta’s direction, which went as follows, “Director Hansal Mehta also does a splendid job of painting a realistic milieu of the Indian immigrant diaspora. They aren’t coated with money and aren’t always jolly, as a slew of Bollywood movies have led us to believe. Their middle-class existence and the war between traditionalist parents who are eager to see their divorced child remarry so that they aren’t burdened by a divorcee in their household is beautifully brought out in this film. The clash between Patel and her strict, bullish father is heart-wrenching.”

However, the review did highlight some flaws in the film, quite a lot actually. It said, “There’s a lot going on in this film — comedy, drama, social commentary and xenophobia in the US- and it can get messy. But the movie suffers from over-crowding of genres. There’s humour, there’s tragedy, there’s violence and there’s drama, but it may not always come together as a whole. The songs that are inserted to highlight Patel’s plight are overdone.” Towards the end, the review stated that Simran is a one time watch that too for the incredible performance of Kangana.  You can read the whole review here. In order to know what our review for the film is, stay tuned to this space as we keep you updated with the elaborate review by our India.com film critic, Smrity Sharma.