Kangana Ranaut‘s Simran Trailer just came out only to impress her fans again. Having a Queenish touch to it, Kangana’s this character is also a quirky one. There was a lot of talk about the credits given to the writers of the film. Kangana and Apurva Asrani  were a part of additional writer’s credit controversy which was started by Apurva through a Facebook post. In the trailer launch of Simran, Kangana clarified the matter once and all saying that they have given all the dues and the matter is closed. On this, Apurva has once again reacted!

Talking to Indian Express, Apurva said, “Kangana is a very busy star and seems to have her timelines confused. But it is time to put negativity behind us and bring our baby into this world with care. Yes, she has contributed to dialogues, and yes, the producers have done the right thing by correcting the credits on the new poster. I now have top billing as story, screenplay and dialogue writer. I am happy I have got my dues and I want to just move on.”

Well, with this statement by Apurva, we can  safely assume that the credit controversy has finally gets to see an end. Meanwhile, Kangana was once again asked about the infamous Nepotism issue at the event and she refused to indulge in the conversation. She said, ” I have said everything in that matter in that letter.” It seems that the Simran makers are in no mood to entertain a single vibe of negativity around their film. The fans have already liked the trailer. Directed by Hansal Mehta, the film will hit the screens on September 15.

written by Prachi Kulkarni