Remember Slumdog Millionaire’s young Latika? Rubina Ali’s father Rafiq Qureshi passed away on Thursday, 30th January after a prolonged battle with Tuberculosis. As per the Pinkvilla report, the actor will be coming to Bandra for his father’s funeral as she lived away from him.

Rubina Ali was only ten years old when she stepped into Bollywood being an instrumental part of the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Not only she earned well but also received instant fame.

Since being selected over 300 slum children and cast as the young Latika, Rubina has won an Oscar, had a biography written about her travelled to Los Angeles, Paris, Hong Kong.

In an early report in Mumbai Mirror, Rubina’s father allegedly tried to sell her so, therefore, she distanced herself from him and moved to Nallasopara in Mumbai to live with her birth mother.

Post her stint in the Danny Boyle backed film, Rubina’s destiny outshined and became a part of a Hollywood film. In an interview with Daily Mirror, Rubina said, “Uncle Danny has been wonderful. He has supported me so much. He paid for my education and came to visit me every year. I’d go to visit him at his hotel and he’d ask me about my life. He has helped me a lot. Danny is very kind and loving to us. I love him too.” Rubina has also admitted in numerous interviews that the film indeed took a toll on her childhood and that there were many opportunists who tried to take advantage of the situation.