There has been continuous buzz about the victory of Donald Trump in the US Presidential elections. We all know how world was doing a lot of speculations about who will finally be the President of America. As the results were declared, we must say that most of them were in mere shock by the choice of the American citizens! Donald Trump emerged to be the victorious candidate and that was expected by very dew, not only overseas but also here in India. The result invited lot of opinions and hilarious jokes on social media. As we were keen about how our Bollywood world would react upon this, here we have the team of Force 2 talking upon this unexpected political blow. Sonakshi Sinha, John Abraham, and Tahir Raj Bhasin gave their share of views and they are quite interesting!

The team while talking to expressed that they had not expected what just happened in US. Looking at their comments on this winner candidate, they surely did not seem happy! The handsome actor of Force 2, John Abraham said, “I believe the best man lost way earlier. Both the options didn’t exist for me personally. I am not an expert in politics but I feel Trump has hit where it effects most. He has looked at the blue collared white Americans and he has spoken about policies that really affect the mindset of people. He has spoken his mind. He spoke about a particular religion not being accepted into the country, building America into a great nation, getting manufacture back to the country. So what do you do? People who are sleeping and who voted four years earlier said, ‘Let’s go for this guy’.”

The ‘Rocky Handsome’ further went on adding that Donald Trump neither has any political experience nor the military. But people just voted him because he is different. He further called Trump a ‘reality show’ president. The Dhoom actor has clearly not liked Trump winning the cards. He pointed out,” Every one of us is surprised. Hillary has been in the business for 30 years and for a person the question was has she made a change or not. It’s like the Congress. You wait and see if a government makes a change. If the government doesn’t, you would say at least I want to see a change.” (ALSO READ: Force 2 promotion on Bigg Boss 10: Is John Abraham NOT interested to share stage with Salman Khan?)

On the other hand the stunning Force 2 lead actress Sonakshi Sinha also expressed her dismay. She was dabbang enough with her opinion as she said, “I am surprised. Someone who people didn’t take seriously has turned around and kicked them in the face. It’s happened. It’s very shocking and we will have to wait and to see where this goes. Don’t think America has made the best decision.” Tahir Raj Bhasin, the villain from the same movie had some headstrong comments to make upon this issue. Tahir, calling Trump a ‘12- year-old’ said, “The kind of things that he said were very racist. So it is shocking. The only thing that one can hope for is during elections you say a lot of things to attract attention. It’s a PR campaign. But when you are in office your actions may not represent the things you are saying. So let’s hope for the best.” (ALSO READ: Force 2: John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha pay tribute to the jawans at India Gate!)

The Force 2 team collectively spoke upon the Trump win and we couldn’t help nut relate to their opinions. Although it is too quick to judge any decision on our part, right now Trump winning has grabbed attention from the celebrities which are not that well. It’s just been a day, so let’s wait for more celebs to pour in their thoughts!