Every time Sonam Kapoor opens her mouth (or takes to Twitter) we can’t help but gasp! You know how the babe gets on our nerves with her verbal diarrhoea that makes us sick. Plain sick! Add to the missery the starlet’s fake accent and the torture increase multi folds in just a jiffy. And now Sonam it seems is not getting the right words so she had resorted to her limited lexicons–hurling abuses at  naysayers with the ease that can put a seasoned pedestrian jack*** to shame (did we say a***? looks like we are talking the quintessential Sonam lingo already!)

In the wake of the meat ban in Mumbai due to the ongoing Jain fasting ritual of Paryushan, Mumbaikars took to Twitter to express their frustration. Sonam too decided to join the verbal battles. But she did not know a misplaced word (she did not even know the meaning of–oh it shows so clearly!) could get her in deep s**t!

What followed thereafter was a volley of verbal assault. Take a look and enjoy this Twitter war.

PS: But seriously Sonam? Misogynistic and meat ban in the same breath! And the hell did you even try to resort to damage control mode! It brought upon even more flak!