Sonu Nigam left everyone surprised and shocked by his decision to quit twitter. His move was fueled by outrage over friend-singer Abhijit Bhattacharya’s suspension from the social media platform.

In his tweet expressing his displeasure over the incident, Sonu wrote,  “I have nothing against Twitter, it’s a Game Changer. Yet Twitter cud have been a Greater Platform. It’s like Porn, shown in Theatres. I quit Twitter Today in Defiance of this One Sided Sham. Every Logical, Sensible Patriot and Humanist should. I am sorry I don’t belong to a place which spews so much Venom with such Relish! A place that taints me Anti Muslim in some losers’ minds. I have no Religion. I follow my own religion choosing d Best from everywhere. Those who understand, know; those who don’t, my condolences I don’t belong 2 a place whr sm Pseudo Intellectuals actually turn a Blind Eye to d Unprecedented slap I gave 2 d Fatva proclaimers on me I am no Right Wing, No Left Wing. I respect everyone’s Opinion but I guess Here, you have to Belong Somewhere. I hope I never need to return here to Clarify, but I never say Never..!” (ALSO READ: Shocking! Sonu Nigam to QUIT Twitter, is outraged with Abhijeet’s account suspension)

However, many are unhappy with his decision and one of them is his friend Shaan. Shaan took to twitter and asked his buddy to get back on the social media platform with this tweet, “We understand the frustration and hopelessness that You feel.. bhai I can only urge and request you to stay and spread the Love @sonunigam”.Shaan is a strong support to Sonu since the beginning. Now, can we forget when the world was lashing him during the Azaan row, Shaan stood with him. We hope the singer listens to his buddy’s advice and gets back on twitter. What say showbiz, readers?